SEQRA Document Preparation

Preparation and review of both short form and long form Environmental Assessment forms (EAFs) on a variety of projects. Assist Planning Boards and/or Town Boards with review of projects that encompass EAFs as part of their applications for development. Also assist in the preparation and/or review of Scoping documents, Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Findings statements, Positive and Negative Declarations, etc.
  • HOPEWELL HAMLET WATER SYSTEM – Town of East Fishkill, NY
    • 9,400 LF water main with service connections. Map Plan and Report for system serving 40 commercial and residential properties.
  • HOPEWELL HAMLET WASTEWATER – Town of East Fishkill, NY
    • Construction of a 0.5 MGD wastewater treatment plant.
  • THE RESERVE – New Windsor, NY
    • 408 single-family residences on 185 acres with stormwater management and erosion control issues.
    • 216 units planned around existing wetlands, preparation of mitigation plan.